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Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this website.We equip members of mission boards and evangelism committees by organizing conferences with experienced speakers who provide good principles and direction for Reformed churches and by providing other appropriate resources.Providence Church meets the obligations imposed by PIPEDA with respect to the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal information by taking the following steps: Like many other websites, Providence Church’s website uses an Internet tool called a “cookie.” Cookies are small bits of data that we send to your computer to track visitor activity on our site.This information is used to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our site visitors.

We coordinate sharing information and expertise, so that work done by one can be of benefit to many.Mission work is something that requires constant work, education, and support.We understand the unique challenges that inevitably are faced when engaging in mission work.We provide advice based on our collective experience and the experience of others with whom we have been in contact with.(If you want to get in touch, there`s a contact form at the bottom of the page.) We provide a place to share information.

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