Council tax disability reduction backdating

Properties in Band A may also qualify for a reduction, if the conditions are satisfied.

The Council Tax will be reduced from 6/9ths to 5/9ths of the Band D amount.

For disabled people living in a property in the lowest band, A, a reduction approximately equivalent to 10% is available.

To qualify, the property needs to be one of the following: A person who is severely mentally impaired can be 'disregarded', or if they live alone, exempt.

If there are three residents and one is severely mentally impaired, and two are carers, then a 'double disregard' would apply and a 50% discount can be claimed.If a person’s sole or main residence has changed to a nursing home, and they have no intention to return to the property, reductions and exemptions may be available.If this leaves only one person resident (over 18) then a 25% reduction can be claimed.If it leaves no residents at a property then a 100% council tax exemption can be awarded.Also, if a person has been in hospital prior to going into a nursing home with no intention to return, the reduction can be backdated to the date they were admitted to hospital.

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