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The Burgundians were expelled from land around Lyon in 458 by Emperor Majorian, but Gundioc became magister militum in Gaul during the reign of Emperor Severus 461-465Gregory of Tours records that Godegisel ruled jointly with his brother Gundobad "over the territory round the Rhne and the Sane and the province of Marseille", but defected to support Clovis King of the Franks when the latter attacked Burgundy, and afterwards established himself as ruler at Vienne.The Liber Histori Francorum names "Gundeveus rex Burgundionumex genere Athanaric regis" and his four sons "Gundobadus, Godeghiselus, Chilpricus et Godmarus", recording that Gundobad killed his brother Chilperich.Scretan discusses the different theories which place the Burgundian defeat by the Huns, and their dispersal into Gaul, anywhere between 436 and the mid-450s.The dating difference suggests that the migration into the area may have been a gradual process.Presumably this refers to the daughter of Chilperich King of Burgundy as no other reference to this name has been found.However, the text implies that Sedeleube was married to, or was the widow of, a king at the time, no other reference having been identified in Fredegar to an unmarried daughter of a monarch being referred to as "regina".Such a situation would recall the likely reality of Frankish leadership at the time the Franks first moved into Gaul (further discussed in the document MEROVINGIAN KINGS), and there appears no reason to suppose that the Burgundian model would in that respect have been any different.If that is correct, the regal title accorded in modern secondary sources to early Burgundian leaders would in practice have reflected few of the attributes which were subsequently linked to kingship.

It is not known which of her names was her baptismal and which her ecclesiastical name.

The Marii Episcopi Aventicensis Chronica records that "Sigimundus rex Burgundionum" was betrayed to the Franks by the Burgundians in 523 and became a monk in France, before being thrown into a well with his wife and children Iordanes names "unam Thiudigoto et aliam Ostrogotho" as the two daughters of Theodoric born "ex concubinain Moesia" before his marriage to Audofledis, specifying that they came to Italy and were married "unam Alarico Vesegotharum et aliam Sigismundo Burgundzonorum".

Gregory does not name the mother of King Theoderichs wife, but chronologically it is probable that she was born from King Sigismond's first marriage, which is also suggested by the root "-gotha" in her first name.

It is assumed that this passage should be interpreted as referring to four named individuals and the kings unnamed father and paternal uncle.

The precise relationship with the four named individuals is unknown.

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