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Students are experimenting with new and “fun” things to try and achieve the “best” high.

“If someone, a teacher or a student or anything, thinks a student isn’t acting like themselves, they’ll call for someone in administration who then gets the student and they do a medical evaluation.” Difficulty concentrating, depressed heartbeat and breathing, drowsiness and excessive sleep, mental confusion or memory loss — Xanax addiction luckily comes with many warning signs, making it easier to spot.

It’s like blacking out when you’re drunk, but you don’t remember any tidbits.

[I took it because] someone had it and I was like, ‘Why not?

“Instead I woke up in the middle of the night and had no idea what I had been doing for the past five hours.

The next morning my friends told me they didn’t know where I was all night and neither did I.” Lately, however, Xanax is not only making its way into the hands of students on the weekend, but it’s also coming with them to school.

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