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Midday approaches, excitement and anticipation is growing The runners gather at the top of the hill Chris Anderson quietly contemplates his first official race since 2012, whilst MC Jem Wakeman ensures all is in order for the start of the race. A loud cheer from the crowd to welcome the first event of 2015 There're Off! He is soon joined by another competitor with a sprained ankle Entertainment from a aerobatic display pilot flying a high performance, 5-year old piston engine bi-plane... A better view as he is supported as he leaves off the top of the hill with his mini Double Gloucester cheese in hand. In summary the 2015 Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire was very well organised and effectively controlled and marshaled by the small band of enthusiasts from Brockworth and surrounding area.

Race one is under way The Cheese is way ahead, and these two competitors are well ahead of the field... Eagle II (G-KLAW) entertained the crowd for a few minutes... (Picture courtesy of Peter Salenieks) Was it Caspar who won this event last year? (Picture courtesy of Peter Salenieks) (Picture courtesy of Peter Salenieks) Ryley leads Chris back down... Their control and organisation of the event was exemplary, every bit as good as when the event was organised by a local company (now dissolved).

K and it's a look at one person who takes part in the event and how they get on... A view from the top of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, where the famous Cheese-Rolling takes place.

This picture is taken from the start point of the race, and the finish is visible below.

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The police did not patrol the event this year as in the past.Come and stay down on the farm and local rural properties in our delightful self-catering, homely farm house bed & breakfasts, or alternative accommodation in yurts, shepherd huts including glamping.You will find high standards of home cooking nearly always using local and home grown produce; an unforgettable feast!There is a lot of background work, by many volunteers and enthusiasts, working in a coordinated manner, to ensure as far as is practicable, the safety of the event. These two and mum look as if they have had a good day!Hours are spent in the days leading up to the event, clearing the hill of obstructions, stones and general debris, erecting spectator control orange fencing and clearing the surface of the hill of overgrown vegetation. The Cheese is well ahead and running true (Picture courtesy of Peter Salenieks) More tumbling than running Going well! The winner has already passed the line of catchers... (Picture courtesy of Peter Salenieks) Determination drives them The going gets harder... Carefully picking their way down the hill Slowly and carefully!

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