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Implementation of the method is straight forward on a clinical scanner with minimal changes.Here we report on a study with 89 patients where the technique was successfully applied with no adverse effects.The most established method used to obtain the MWF involves the acquisition of 32 or more spin echoes but the inability to perform a multi-slice acquisition and the high specific absorption rate of this method are drawbacks that have motivated the development of alternative techniques.In this work, we described the in-vivo implementation of a novel strategy for rapid whole brain MWF mapping, based on the multi-component gradient echo sampling of spin echoes (mc GESSE).2DPSIF is a good alternative to T2 weighted TSE at 7T.The myelin water fraction describes the proportion of the multi-exponential T2 decay in white matter originating from water trapped within the bi-layers of the myelin sheath.Great efficiencies can be achieved reducing cost, staff idle time and patient waiting time.The variable flip angle approach for balanced steady-state free precession (b SSFP) imaging makes it possible to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while keeping the specific absorption rate (SAR) constant.

However, the conventional CEST MRI requires significant sequence development and is susceptible to field inhomogeneity-induced distortion at high field.We also demonstrated the feasibility of MTR imaging by acquiring images in the brain of healthy normal volunteers (N = 5, age 24-49).Agar phantom images were homogeneous, and control images were free of contamination.Accumulation of iron in deep grey matter structures has been shown to correlate with physical and cognitive and dysfunction in multiple sclerosis.MR susceptibility imaging could provide an objective surrogate marker for accumulation of iron.

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