Ikon jinhwan dating website

However, when work unexpectedly forces them back into each other’s lives Bobby realises he still loves Hanbin and should never have let him go.

Will Bobby be able to win Hanbin’s heart again before he falls for his persistent and mysterious super-fan who Bobby hates with a passion?

Listen and follow your oppas well especially Hanbin, okay? Then if you have no questions anymore let me remind you of the most important rule..." He stopped shaking his foot and turned even more serious.

"Just do a 3 to 4 36-count routine for the group dance and I'll do the blockings." "Uh...

No wonder your haters often say,"Ally was just casted because of her visual." but of course it wasn't true. "But I am expecting more from i KON since this is the first time you'll be having a collab with a girl group." "Ne." They respectfully agreed.

"And QUEEN since you are i KON's hoobae of one year, take this opportunity to learn from them.

"Jinhwan hyung can do the choreography for this." "Can you please, hyung?

" Hanbin has a lot more things to do than anyone else in the room and since Jinhwan was capable in choreographing slow songs, they asked him. " Jennie suddenly bolted out from somewhere beside you and raised your hand. She would be of great help." "Hey, Jennie-" "Can you please as well, Ally?

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