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There is evidence that harassment and the threat of harassment are limiting women’s mobility, participation in public life and overall well-being.

A quarter of survey participants said harassment occurred monthly. In some cases, women reported it was so frequent, and alternative modes of travel so scarce, that they moved residence to escape.

He ejaculated on my dress before getting off the bus,” said Rani Kumari*, 18. I felt helpless, and I didn’t speak to anyone about it.” Women in Sri Lanka – especially low-income women – rely heavily on public transport.

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Sixty per cent reported their personal space had been invaded, and 52 per cent said the offender’s genitals were rubbed against their bodies.

Ninety-seven per cent said the perpetrators were male.

Women reported experiencing a wide range of mistreatment on public transport, including leering, verbal abuse and unwelcome advances, but the majority of harassment was physical.

Seventy-four per cent of women and girls reported they had been deliberately touched.

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