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Aubrey, for example, in a pencil note to his "Remaines": "On Rogation Days the Gospells were read in the cornfields here in England untill the Civill wars" (Hazlitt, "Faiths and Folklore", II, 478).

The custom of making these processions was kept up seemingly with a view to its utility in impressing upon the memory the boundaries of the parish, and in some places boys were flogged at the boundaries that they might remember the spot in old age.

After the sprinkling of the high altar and of the other altars of the church in order, the whole body of the monks, after being sprinkled themselves, went in procession through the cloister, making stations there, while the celebrant assisted by two lay brothersblessed the different portions of the monastery (see Martène, "De antiq. The rubric only directs that the priest having intoned the antiphon "Asperges me" is to sprinkle the altar and then himself and his assistants.

After which he is to sprinkle the clergy and the people, while he recites the Miserere with his assistants in a low voice.

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A common feature in many of these was to make a station towards the four points of the compass and to read at each the beginning of one of the four Gospels with other prayers.The one was the procession to the "Station", the other the solemn entry of the celebrant from the secretarium , or sacristy, to the altar. The pontiff, the clergy, and the people assembled in the appointed church, where the clergy vested and the office was begun.A good description of the stational procession is given in the St. The poor people of the hospital went first with a painted wooden cross; the seven stationary crosses, with three candles each and a retinue, followed, and then the bishops, priests, and subdeacons ; finally came the pope surrounded by his deacons, with two crosses borne before him and the schola cantorum or choir following behind him.In the Greek and some other Oriental liturgies the two processions known as the great and little entrances form a very imposing feature of the rite.At the "little entrance" the Book of the Gospels is carried in by the deacon accompanied by acolytes bearing torches and two fans.

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