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A ticket system was introduced in the wildlife park so that the Lahore Zoo Safari could become a semi-autonomous, self-financed organization.

Instruction boards, maps and sign boards are placed around the zoo for guidance and education. In 2008, walk ways, the cafeteria, and public washrooms were renovated and umbrella benches, drinking water coolers and new waste bins were added as part of some basic infrastructure updates.

Vienna Zoo of Austria, established in 1752 as a menagerie, was opened to public as a zoo in 1779.

London Zoo of England, established in 1828, was opened to public in 1847.

Over time the animal collection increased and the zoo expanded.

It later began to take interest in conservation, education and research in addition to providing recreational facilities to the public.

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The Government of Pakistan turned management of the wildlife park over to the Zoo Maintenance Committee headed by the chairman of the Punjab branch of the Wildlife & Parks department.

Vice-chairman Tauqeer Shah said this transfer of control was due to poor previous management that was not working to improve the park.

The species housed here include Indian peafowl, Bengal tiger, common pheasant, emu, lion, mute swan, nilgai, ostrich and silver pheasant among a few others.

The wildlife park is now considered to be an extension of Lahore Zoo.

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