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This was during an exploration expedition from the Darling Downs to open up a route to Port Essington.

His reports encouraged the settlement of the area by pastoralists.

The plan was to build a dam over the Natham Gorge, but the dam was never constructed, and the water in the region was contained behind a number of smaller weirs.

The Glebe Weir, about 30 km east of the town, can be seen from the road and is a popular and attractive picnic spot.

Biloela is a rural service centre located 594 km north of Brisbane, 127 km from Gladstone and 173 metres above sea-level.

Due to its location at the intersection of the Dawson and Burnett Highways, the town is well supplied with accommodation and eating facilities.

There are a number of interesting buildings in the town.

One of the few remnants of the town's original name can be seen on the main street where the Castle Creek Theatre is a dominant feature.

Theodore must be one of the most luxuriant looking towns beyond the Great Divide.Located on the eastern section of the central Queensland highlands, the main gorge can be conveniently reached on a 1.4 km dirt road which runs off the main Theodore– Taroom road.It is very beautiful and unspoilt with dramatic cliffs, deep sandstone gorges and some interesting examples of Aboriginal hand paintings.There is a campsite near the entrance, an accessible lookout over the gorge, and bushwalks around and through the gorge.Biloela Town in the heart of a rich mining and agricultural region.

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