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It’s because the game is a frustrating and boring grind. you can purchase every item in the game via daily mission, and the grinding system are Middle-Earth WAY, if you don’t like it just don’t buy the game!

Wait until after Xmas and pick it up for under . The story are a little bit linear but its good anyway, the main reason you want to buy this game is about the gameplay not the story.

Huge fan of the first one, I bought this one day one. Unfortunately too many people have seen that you can buy orcs and items (if you choose) and assume that it’s a pay to win. Nothing is going to make this game EASIER, and while it might be nice to have some extra gear or orcs around they are not required, simple jump off the tower go recruit and don’t spend $$. (10/10)I don’t normally write reviews, but I think this has to be said: don’t buy this game. I just got the game yesterday and I’m bored to Tears by it and I almost threw my controller at my TV to try to get the Orcs to shut up and that’s not a good sign.

It was a huge mistake: -It’s exactly the same game -It’s full of bugs (character stuck, bugged quests,…) -It’s super repetitive -90% of skills are useless -Can’t skip Orcs’ speech (trust me after several hours you CAN’T stand it anymore) -Graphics are very meh -I’m ok with lore “twists” but here the story is super basic and poorly written -And the cherry on the cake: microtransactions, it’s totally UNACCEPTABLE -Secondary characters are super cliche If you don’t pay, either use a cheat engine to finish it or stop midway and watch the real end on youtube. A great job of giving players a choice has blown back in Monolith’s face because of a fickle demographic. If you buy this game, you are supporting one of the largest anti-consumer companies I’ve ever seen.

That’s exactly what any system based on making money from “whales” is. Amazing underlying gameplay which makes it all the more heartbreaking that they leave a large amount of fun items and orcs exclusively for people who pay extra real money. So addictive, and I’m probably shooting myself in the foot for saying this, but best game I’ve played since I could remember. (4/10) I can’t find much wrong with Asallah’s interpretation. the gamer community has to come together for this kind of thing not to invade the consoles. (0/10)I don’t dislike this game because of microtransactions. And don’t tell me this **** “you don’t have to pay for microtransactions” Are you really so naive thinking that the game won’t be designed in a specific way to make you pay for it sooner or later? Rating it a 0 however, because it has microtransactions…still not sure what they are, but apparently they make a game unplayable I’ve heard. The skills part is relatable the more I play – I’m at a point in the game now where I keep gaining skill points but can’t even be bothered to spend them – there’s nothing I want anymore. Such a great job making this game EPIC and addictive. I hate this game because I hate the stupid Orcs jabbering at you for 5 minutes before and after you get killed by them. Also the fighting is ridiculous dumb compared to something like Dark Souls. The disconnect people have between these two things is an issue that needs rectifying.I’d like to start by saying that micro-transactions have almost no affect on the game.

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