Single frauen Lübeck

The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the marriage of "Theodericusterciuscomes Hollandie" and "Utilhildim filiamducis Saxonie".

The corresponding duke of Saxony would have been the Billung Duke Bernhard I (who died in 1011).

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This stabilisation of the empire's eastern borders reduced the need for "March" jurisdictions to defend borderland areas.

Baumgarten states that the wife of Markgraf Bernhard was --- Vladimirovna, illegitimate daughter of Vladimir Sviatoslavich "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his mistress ---.

He cites a single German secondary source, dated to 1722, but this in fact makes no mention of Bernhards wife.

The Grafen von Walbeck ruled as Markgrafen der Nordmark from 983 to 1009 (Chapter 1.

B), when they were succeeded by Bernhard son of Markgraf Dietrich who ruled until [1050].

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