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The Establishment's reluctance to deal with climate change, Wall St excess, dwindling middle class, guns, based in the fear of losing economic and political power.An advanced study show that the connotations depend on the hue.What is interesting is how the basic connotations of aggression, anger, emotion, indulgence, debt, WAR, and strength are consistently associated with the color red within the varied sources I referred to."RED is the color of fire and blood and regarded universally as the basic symbol of the life-principle, with its dazzling strength and power, nevertheless possess their same symbolic ambivalence; speaking visually, this doubtless depends upon whether the red is bright or dark.

The greens have been trying to penetrate the monopoly, but the American political world remains polarized between the blue and red.

Everyone is in survival mode unable to get out of their own boxes and think beyond their own group/clique .

Circa 2016, 8 out of 10 Americans are off center in some way.

I believe a yellow evolution must be introduced into the debates.

This way American politics and the voting public will be less susceptible to instinctual, unscientific, extremist, simplistic positions that get people elected on an old fashioned language that inevitably gets America in trouble.

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