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I just wanted to get you a dog because you've talked about getting one ever since I met you and I thought that maybe-Tori: Listen to me. [presses a button, causing fake snow to fly all over the gang and their food] Wheee! Jade presses a button to shut it off] It makes pretend snow! I made this costume, I downloaded special prairie music, I even trained that crazy cockatoo to fly in and out of that window on command! (flies out again)Jade: OK, it was kind of my idea, but I-I didn't know the dog would bug out like that. Sikowitz:: (in a "you talked me into it" tone) All right... First of all, I want to thank you all for auditioning. (giggles)Jade: Uh, tuna fish, flowers, uh, giggling, the word "panties", cilantro, rainbows,, I hate ducks. I squirted hot cheese all over my friend and her current boyfriend, who was my ex-boyfriend, and then I kissed him right in front of her, which I felt really bad about. (presses some buttons on his Pear Pad then turns it to them) Okay. (turns the Pear Pad to face them) A guy from England whose accent is really hard to understand, and he's always invading people's personal space. (As she walks in front of the others, Jade looks worried that Tori will say something she will hate.) Jade will be an innocent farm girl from Alabama who's always super sweet and nice and never gets upset about anything. (explicitly) Do NOT look in the cabinet under the sink in my bathroom. (pours some Raisin Bran on a smiling Beck) THIS IS OFFICER PADESCO.

The cast and crew did not expect the show to be cancelled, and did not write an appropriate finale episode.

It must be noted that, for a Nickelodeon show, the show can venture quite far into innuendo though considering Schneider's other show that was airing at the time, this is to be expected.

It is a major part of the Nick Verse due to a major crossover (and a subsequent spin-off) with .

Raine: [Snowflakes] all look like the same cold snow, but in reality, they're very sensitive to the environment around them. Raine: In other words, the temperature around me has changed. Raine: Hehe, although it would seem that my heat source hasn't realized it at all.

You're saying that there's something that has changed you.

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