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It has been remounted next to the front door of the new building.“Established by one who believes that property is a trust, and who takes this way to return to the people a part of the gain that has come to him through the increase in the value of the land in La Junta.” Thomas Woodruff was a Boston lawyer who, in 1879, took on the ‘thankless task of winding up an insolvent estate’ of one of the city’s pioneer promoters.On October 8, 1997 the Matthew Nicklos Memorial Children’s Technology Center was dedicated.The Technology Center included two high speed computers with a color printer and lots of great educational software for use by children.In 1888, Woodruff personally selected and shipped 735 books to his ‘agent’ in La Junta, attorney George Kilgore.These became the original collection of what would become known as the Young Folks Library.Designed to be a ‘library for the 21st century’, it became a reality after 1995 voter approval of a bond issue and sales tax increase.The new Woodruff Memorial Library was formally dedicated on April 23, 1997, exactly 76 years to the day since formal opening of a three thousand square foot building on the same site, the first to carry the name of Thomas T. A bronze plaque, a gift to the library from the school children of the city in 1921, has been preserved.

It would move three times in the next 32 years before getting a permanent home.

For the first time in over 25 years the library expanded its hours.

The library went from 49 hours a week, open only 1 morning, to 55 hours and open Monday through Friday morning and additional hours on Sunday afternoon.

Words on the 1921 dedication plaque were taken directly from labels Woodruff directed be placed in the front of each book.

Some of the Young Folks Library is preserved in a special locked case near the entrance of the new Woodruff Memorial Library.

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