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Weta is attached to "EVA" and already started creating concept art.James Cameron is directing "Battle Angel," and he's spent the past 10 months developing the technology necessary to bring it to the bigscreen.The Disgaea manga is illustrated by newcomer Arashi Shindo, and is published by Ichijinsha in Japan.The Disgaea illustration book will be Broccoli Books' second art book following the Juvenile Orion illustration book.The site's June 5, 2006 update includes the Tower Record promo booklet for the movie's soundtrack single.Twitch and Ghibli World have posted a new image of the second post for Studio Ghibli's legend of Earthsea here In other Ghibli news, Lawson has an item on Globes Hayao Miyazaki painted for the Ghibli mueseam.Carl Horn announces on Anime on DVD, the four omnibus editions of the original Gunsmith Cats will be 450 page each, condensing the original nine-volumes.

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Comicbook Resource's Wizard World Philly report states that FUNimation will be distributing Gonzo's anime version of Witchblade in the North America and that talks are underway to air on the show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The anime will be a 98 minute movie that will likely get a theatrical release in Europe and possibly Japan before going straight to DVD in the US sometime in 2007 or 2008.Kyoto Rinne is online here Anime Nation points out that Game News Site EG now hosts images of the upcoming Japanese arcade fighting game The Battle of Yu Yu Hakusho: Shitou!Ankoku Bujutsukai (The Battle of Yu Yu Hakusho: To the Death! The official site for the Applessed Playstation 2 game is online here 4Gamer now hosts a downloadable WMV format trailer for the upcoming Japanese PC adventure game My Hime: Unmei no Keitoujyu Shura.The company has announced that they still intend to release the fourth collection of Votoms and the collection of Wrath of the Ninja aka Yotoden in August.Anime News Network reports Variety said the following about Hollywood anime adaptations Since 1997, Hollywood has been acquiring major anime properties like "Sailor Moon," about a group of young girls gifted with magical powers and skimpy costumes; "Speed Racer," a '60s series about a heroic racecar driver; and "Battle Angel Alita," in which a skull-cracking female cyborg searches for her past. Dozens of projects are already rumbling into production.

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