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Enough for 6 people sharing one bathroom (2 double bedrooms and one really comfy sofa bed in the living room).

"While my sister has blue eyes, mine are brown." "Taxes have gone up, whereas social security contributions have gone down." "Unlike in the UK, the USA has cheap petrol." In theory…

Everything you needed was there, tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, iron, hairdryer. Just perfect New, clean, comfortable, with a lovely kitchen.

But However Although / even though Despite / despite the fact that In spite of / in spite of the fact that Nevertheless Nonetheless While Whereas Unlike In theory… "He works hard, but he doesn't earn much." "He works hard.

"Marketing and finance are both covered in the course. "Due to the rise in oil prices, the inflation rate rose by 1.25%." "Owing to the demand, we are unable to supply all items within 2 weeks." If you want to follow these words with a clause (a subject, verb and object), you must follow the words with the fact that.

The former is studied in the first term and the latter is studied in the final term." Firstly, … "Due to the fact that oil prices have risen, the inflation rate has gone up by 1%." "Owing to the fact that the workers have gone on strike, the company has been unable to fulfill all its orders." Because / because of Because of is followed by a noun.

"They were concerned too." "I, too, was concerned." Apart from and besides are often used to mean as well as, or in addition to.

"Apart from Rover, we are the largest sports car manufacturer." "Besides Rover, we are the largest sports car manufacturer." Moreover and furthermore add extra information to the point you are making.

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